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this fear is only the beginning...

24 July
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Open your eyes, you are the earth, you are the green, you are the blue, you are the Aleph, you are the essence. Look at the flower, look at the flower, for the first time look at the flowers...

where does it hurt?
without fuss, set my finger there
to touch it touch it touch it touch it
93 pounds, fetish guilt
grip the swans neck
and twist it twist it twist it twist it
tell me you are bad, busy witch
passive as a toilet
eat it eat it eat it eat it

16 horsepower, 1920s, abandoned buildings, ancient history, andrei rublev, angela carter, angels of light, anthropology, arguing, arvo part, banjo, bellydance, biking, bluegrass, burkhanism, buster keaton, cabaret, choral music, cinema strange, cormac mccarthy, country, crime, current 93, death in june, diamanda galas, dostoevsky, drawing, einsturzende neubauten, emetophobia, england, eschatology, ethnology, fifty cent words, food, gangs of new york, genghis khan, gun club, hank williams, horrible pretense, icons, indo-european, jay munly, jean genet, jeffrey lee pierce, journalling, julius evola, loneliness, mack murphy, mail art, men in shantaloons, military aesthetics, mongolia, my baser instincts, mysticism, neko case, neofolk, never socialising ever, nick cave, not vomiting, obsessive journalling, organized crime, orthodoxy, paleo-siberian, pan-altaism, peak oil, pen and ink, perennialism, period clothing, pretentious shit, religion in general, religious imagery, rene guenon, repentant whores, robert aickman, romania, romanticism, rural decay, russia, scythians, self-sufficiency, sewing, shamanism, siberia, social darwinism, southern gothic, stickers, surrealism, taking_care_of_my_boooody, tarkovsky, tennyson, the birthday party, the deadfly ensemble, the inner kingdom, the orthodox church, the_small_peoples_of_russia, thomas ligotti, throat singing, tim and eric, tom_goes_to_the_mayor, tool, traditionalism, tribal dance, tuva, two gallants, uniforms, victoriana, vlad the impaler, willful anachronism, william blake, woven hand, writing fiction, ye olden days, zines, Андрей Тарковский, воры в законе, кино, криминал, мафия